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Think about who you are and what you want out of life.

Are you seeking improved health? Maybe you are looking to run a business to either supplement your income or turn into a new career to provide a living. Are you somebody who is looking to break status quo and change things in your life or in the world? Check out the many ways we might be a part of your pursuit of happiness by browsing our website and reading what others have to say about the rain business opportunity.

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My Personal Story

My journey with Health & Wellness started in my mid 30’s after having my second child.  I was working in a stressful environment in the IT industry as a Project Manager and also going through a painful Divorce.  My health suffered, I put on 30lbs, was stressed and having anxiety.  The loss of a second income made me explore other avenues online to see how I could replace that.  This is where I ended up in the Network Marketing arena.  My first company was in Health and Wellness, and I have been in that industry ever since. 

 I became involved in Nutrition due to my mother and her failing health.  She was diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2 and I did some research on how we could improve her diet, this is what drove me to help her and others, as I managed to get her off her diabetic tablets just over 2 years after she was diagnosed.  

Most of my clients have underlying health issues, therefore they are used to taking lots of pills, I was looking for a company that offered ways to help improve your health using organic products and not tablet form.  My friend introduced me to Rain and I started May 2018. I was at a point in my health business where I was looking for additional income as I recognized that most of my clients lacked supplemental support and needed something other than the weight loss juices, pills or powders on the market. 

Because of Rain International, I am able to work from home and travel around the country building Global Leaders while providing solutions to maximize your health and wealth.

I would love to share more testimonials and stories with you so please get in touch!


What You Will Recieve When You Partner With Me….

Join us today and build your ideal lifestyle with Rain International.

You will be welcomed into a ‘family’ of Rain Partners on our PRIVATE Facebook Page. We are called Diamond Builders. Diamonds are made under pressure, and in doing so remain precious gemstones of the most value. Each one who joins is a leader in their own right, has a vision they need to complete for themselves. Blessing others in good health, or financially that is our goal.

You will receive your ‘Onboarding’ within your first 24 – 48 hours of partnering with me

You will receive weekly mentoring and coaching by 6 figure and 7 figure earners to help you get RESULTS in your business. Although this will only work, if YOU DO THE WORK!

You will receive training on how to use our website, and how to use Social Media to attract others to your website and to your business. All for no extra cost, other than be an ENGAGED and Active Rain partner.

Youl will receive training to support you building your initial businessby attending leadership zoom events and self development tasks, suggested books to read.

You will only see results if you follow our system, and be coachable. Our system has created 5, 6and 7 figure income earners, it is tried and proven and works.

OUR ethos is – No Man or Woman is left behind.

Our motto is #Ubuntu I am because you are… The Ubuntu philosophy articulates such important values as respect, human dignity, compassion, solidarity and consensus, which demands conformity and loyalty to the group.

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