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Colette Dennis FRSA, IICT, SAC Dip, Diet & Nutrition is a  fully qualified Nutritional Therapist since 2007. She is also fully qualified as a Cognitive Behavioural Coach, Life Coach and NLP Practitioner. 

This is what Colette has to say about her journey in Rain International. “I found Rain in May 2018 after a dear friend approached me to tell me about the wonderful supplements made from SEEDS. As a nutritionist it is important for me to find supplements that are of a high quailty and that can meet my clients sometimes demanding health needs. I was so impressed by the products as I use them myself to help with joint pain and menopause symptoms and they really do alleviate paid and discomfort.

So based on sharing my results and those of my customers I have built a large client base and support a large team mainly in Nigeria, UK, Ireland and USA. Together we turn around $24,000 in sales each month and we have only just started. 

My aim is to help as many families as I can globally to improve their health and wealth outcomes in all of the 40 plus countries that Rain International is located in.  MY clients are well supported, and educated on the products. Customers who wish to share the products in their community are also supported and trained so that they are able to make an income from home which will make a difference to their family especially in these days of high taxes and the cost of living rising.  

I t has been over 4 years now, and I have found a home in Rain International where I can support people with their diet, their health, their mindset financial literacy and more.

Contact me to hear the amazing things that I am doing and how we can partner together!

– Colette Dennis

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