Raining Health – Why Seeds?

The Science Behind The Rain


Rain’s ingredients are non-genetically modified organisms, meaning that they don’t have lab-altered DNA to include harmful pesticides that are later ingested and absorbed by people. The nutrition in them is what came from nature naturally.

A New Category

We’ve helped to solve the world’s nutrition problem by creating a new category of supplement based not on one exotic plant while neglecting others but upon the principle that all edible plants have nutrition to offer. This new category is seed-based nutrition and it taps into the most concentrated form of nutrition in any plant–it’s seeds. Our products contain some of the most studied seed ingredients for maximum health benefits.

It’s Simple

Using special seeds, we have combined nature’s raw benefits into 1 to 2 oz. pouches. Our products have been proven to help neutralize free radicals contained within the body. As a strong anti-oxidant, our seed nutrition products help prevent damage by fighting oxidation.

Ancient Seeds

Prior to the advancement of science we enjoy today, people anciently had to rely on the knowledge passed down from generation to generation regarding the benefits of various plants and herbs. The black cumin seed was highly regarded as a beneficial herbal preparation. The black cumin seed worked then and the benefits have been confirmed today.
Mentioned in ancient texts for its specialized benefits – black cumin seeds were even found in King Tut’s tomb. Since the 1960’s there have been over 650 peer-reviewed studies chronicling the benefits of the black cumin seed.

Genesis of Life

Each seed contains the power to save the world. The science of essential seed nutrition has been thoroughly researched and supports our story. Studied for centuries by science, the benefits and life contained in seeds is without question. Seeds are the most important practical transportable food option for areas with long term needs.

Elemental Nutrition

From tiny things, great things materialize. The smallest seed, when taken care of can mature into life giving sources. Seeds continually give life. season after season, year after year, generation after generation.

Seed-GMOUnlocking Nature

Our products are lipophilic – being able to be broken down with fats and lipids, as part of the digestion process. Our seeds are bio available for human consumption – using every single grain of nutrients from each seed — wasting nothing.

Pure Concentration

Filled with nature’s concentrated goodness – seeds contain the most naturally occurring vitamins and minerals found in plants.

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