Colette Morris IICT, SAC Dip, Diet & Nutrition is a  fully qualified Nutritional Therapist since 2007. She is also fully qualified as a Cognitive Behavioural Coach, Life Coach and NLP Practitioner. She is based in the United Kingdom and is a mother of 2 sons and a grandmother of two lovely princes. 

Colette explains what brought her to this point in her life.  

My journey with Health & Wellness started in my mid 30’s after having my second child.  I was working in a stressful environment in the IT industry as a Project Manager and also going through a painful Divorce.  My health suffered, I put on 30lbs, was stressed and having anxiety.  Coupled with health issues and the loss of a second income from a seperation made me explore other avenues online to see how I could improve my health.  This is where I ended up in the Network Marketing arena.  My first company was in Health and Wellness, and I have been in that industry ever since. 

 I became involved in Nutrition because my own health suffered and delved in deeper into it due to my mother and her failing health.  She was diagnosed with Diabetes Tye 2 and I did some research on how we could improve her diet, this is what drove me to help her and others, as I managed to get her off her diabetic tablets just over 2 years after she was diagnosed.  

Most of my clients have underlying health issues, therefore they are used to taking lots of pills, I was looking for a company that offered ways to help improve health using organic products and not tablet form.  A friend introduced me to Rain International and I started May 2018. I was at a point in my health business where I was looking for additional supplements as I recognised that most of my clients lacked supplemental support and needed something other than the weightloss juices, pills or powders on the market. 

I have built a large client base and support a large team mainly in Nigeria, UK, Ireland and USA. Our aim is to help families improve their health and wealth outcomes.  Our clients are well supported, and educated on the products, so are the team.   I have found a home in Rain International where I can support people with their diet, their health, their mindset, finances and more. We are a Family. We are #RAINNATION

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